Zombie Xmas

I am so looking forward to Zombie Xmas this year!

First let me explain – we’re calling it “Zombie Xmas” because we’re having our celebration on January 7th, so Christmas will technically be “dead”. So that makes ours an “undead” Christmas, or a “zombie” Christmas. We’re all such a bunch of hopeless geeks so this is rather amusing to us all, even if it makes everybody else look at us like we’re a bit “touched”. LOL

Anyway tho! I am really looking forward to Zombie Xmas this year because I am super super excited about the Sekrit Projekt Christmas presents I am working on for Hermie & Nevi. (There will probably be one for Mykie later, but that was not part of the original plan.) I can’t say too much about what they are because the besties do read my blog here, but I am teaching myself to sew clothes this time and I am really surprised by how quickly the prototype came together once I understood what the directions were trying to say. I haven’t used an actual pattern to sew from since I was a senior in high school, and back then I had my mother to help me. BUT I pored over the pattern, my how-to-sew book with the lovely step-by-step pictures and a website or two and I got it figured out. After that, the construction of the first actual piece was pretty quick. I admit that at this point I’m stressing just a little because my work schedule is super crazy over this week but I will just have to burn up my little sewing machine in what time I do have available.

So I will have those pictures up as soon as Zombie Xmas is over. I can’t wait to share them!



Separation Anxiety


That’s Chauncey. He’s one of my baby scrap dragons. They’re made from rescued fabrics found in yard sales or resale shops. He and his brothers have been living with me for months now, waiting to be adopted to their forever homes. I didn’t realize quite how attached I’d gotten to them all being around untill I had to pack Chauncey up this week.

I go to this spiritual study group twice a week at the Center For Divine Reflections. We have a group sharing one night where we talk about what’s going on in our lives and ways to stay positive vs the world.. that sort of thing. On the other night we have some kind of a study group or class on stones or chakra or energy healing. It’s a great group.. Anyway! Tomorrow night is the group’s Christmas party and we’re having a White Elephant. That’s where everyone brings a gift, wrapped up but without a tag, and everybody kinda play-fights for who gets what gift,”stealing” the one you think you want on your turn if someone else has it. It sounds like fun! Well I was trying to decide what to take with me when Chauncey said he wanted to go.

I was so excited that he was venturing out into the world to find himself a home – and with such a great group of people! Then when it came time to wrap him up in his little box and I was suddenly kinda sad. I’d grown so used to him hanging out on my shelf with the other dolls that I felt kinda like a momma when the baby goes off to school or something. I just cuddled him and gave him extra kisses before I closed up the box. I’m such a hopeless squish, I know! lol

So he is waiting excitedly in his box for whoever is going to get him and I know he can’t wait to see his new home. I really hope that whoever opens that box will love him instantly… and I’ll try not to cry.