Dream Warrior Dragon




I am very excited to say that I’m almost finished with my first ever Baby Scrap Dragon commission!  My little dragons are something that I usually just make up with bits of leftover fabric. They’re kind of an artistic playtime, if you will. Not really working at anything – just playing around with colors, buttons, bits of ribbon and such. This will be the first one that I’ve made to a specific request.

My client was looking over my Etsy store and noticed that all of my Baby Scrap Dragons have their own little personalities. Specifically she was looking at JC and how he loves to knit sweaters. She asked if I could make a dragon who loves hugs and fights monsters in dreams.

Apparently her babysitter thought it would be fine for her 5 year old to watch “The Walking Dead”. I’ll be completely honest here and say that at 34 I can only watch a couple episodes at a time! So surprise! Her little boy is having nightmares.  She says he loves his stuffed animals and has been borrowing one of hers but he says it’s not strong enough because it doesn’t really belong to him.

In all honesty I was a little uncertain.. like I said, my baby dragons have always just come to me in playtime mode. I’ve never actually tried to call one up with a pre-determined personality. So I went to my fabric stash and kinda sifted through the pieces that I had set aside for future dragons and tried to think about her request. I was ecstatic when the fabrics responded and I was inspired.

Truly, this is why I make dolls – or any of my art, really. It’s to bring more joy into the world. I could not be happier than to make this little dragon to love her little boy and protect him in his dreams from the monsters so he can sleep soundly again.