Looking ahead

OH it has been a hectic year already! I’ve been working 70+ hours at 3 jobs trying to make the dollar signs match.. thankfully I am finally able to step down from one of those jobs and will have more time to work on my real passion projects.. And right now is when I really need that creative time! I’ve got 2 conventions coming up this fall! Excite! *happydance*

September 19-21st I am going to be sharing a booth at RamenCon in Merrillville, Indiana with my besties over at Hermit Star Books. I am so excited to do my first convention after the disappointment in April with RiverCon falling through. 😦 I can’t wait to share the Happy Nakama Cuddle Buddies with a whole new audience! RamenCon is a slightly smaller convention so it’s not quite as daunting for my first outing.

Then October 18-19th is NijiCon in Pennsylvania. NijiCon is very exciting to get a table because it’s their first year! YaoiCon happens every year in California but the east coast has never had their own yaoi-centric convention. Again I will be sharing a table with Hermit Star Books because they’re my best friends but also because they’re brilliant writers. Plus I will be premiering plush versions of a few of their characters!

So it’s shaping up to be a very busy couple of months and I’m going to be sewing my little fingers off will they get here…

~ Seth