Need a Little Help In the Garden?

seth-scrp-drgn-harvey-2013-collage-1024-768Harvey is my newest Baby Scrap Dragon. He loves being outside. His favorite thing is sleeping in trees and watching clouds. He also loves gardening and digging in the dirt. Don’t be surprised if you catch him nibbling on the little weeds that look like flowers. (I hear the purple ones taste the best.) He’s a very good little dragon though. He never chews on the actual flowers.

He is looking for his forever home. Could it be with you?

Click here to adopt him and make him a super happy little dragon.

~ Seth


Pricing Structure

Just a little heads up. I got schooled by senpai at Nijicon. This and other revelations I had this weekend about my craft have inspired me to change the pricing structure on my plushies – including what I am now calling plush art dolls, due to the technical difficulty of their construction and the time spent working on them. I have updated my Commissions and FAQs to reflect this change.

I will be posting new plushies and plush art dolls to my Etsy shop in the next couple of days, once I sort out my inventory from Nijicon.

I am looking forward to having the winter (because I’m so not traveling very far in the snow) to work on more plushies, my Schwoopie Towne art and trying out some new ideas. I have so, so many ideas running rampant in my head. lol

~ Seth