I have loved Christmas lights ever since I was a kid. We used to pile into the van and cruise around slowly to look at all the awesome light displays. I grew up in an apartment, so we didn’t really have a lot of outdoor decorating options, but my folks always knew the best neighborhoods to hit for an abundance of Christmas magicalness.

I’ve noticed recently that there don’t seem to be as many houses lit up as in years past.. anyone else noticing the same in their area? Kinda makes me sad to think people just don’t have as much love for Christmas as they used to.. *insert materialism of Christmas rant*

But there are still some glorious lighting displays to be found. One just around the corner from my house has a fantastik Christmas spire almost as tall as their house with a huge, shiny gold star on the top and color-changing lights that run all around their house and their shed. PLUS a couple of rainbow-color-fluctuating candy canes beside their front door and arches along their walkway. It’s beautifull! You can see the Vegas-like glow as soon as you turn into our neighborhood. (I wonder, though, if their next door neighbors appreciate the all night glow… I hope they have black out curtains lol)

There is another house up the street that I adore because they have light strung all over the front of their house and the bushes. I love it because it’s kinda messy and none of the strings match, which gives me the feeling that, while they’re not very good at perfect lighting displays, they do love Christmas and want to show it off. That makes me so happy!

Do you go all-out with your Christmas decorating? Do you light it up so they can see the glow from space? What’s your favorite Christmas memory?


~ Seth