10 Adorably Eastery Button Crafts!


Now I know all us little sewists have a pile of scrap fabric lying about but – and maybe it’s just me – do you also have an over-abundance of buttons in random sizes and colors?

Come on now. I know it’s not just me!

Well I found some really cute Eastery crafts to put that bucket of buttons to good use!


1) DIY Button Bowl


Source: Designs by Kristen

Love Love Love this button bowl made from a balloon! I am blown away by this idea!


2) Button Egg Ornament


Source: Club Chica Circle

How cute is this egg ornament?! Got to be honest, I think this one is gonna bleed over into Halloween and Christmas as well…


3) Button & Bows Embellished Shoes


Source: The Crafting Nook

I realise these aren’t specifically for Easter, but the colors are perfect! And I can’t help thinking what I wouldn’t have given as a kid for a pair of these with my Easter outfit! (Okay let’s be honest, I’d totally rock these now!)


4) DIY Spring Button Flowers



Source: Freckled Nest

It really never occurred to me how much buttons could look like flowers, but now I can’t unsee it. It’s giving me whole new ideas for how to use buttons on my Scrap Animals.


5) Felt Button Butterflies



Source: Do Small Things With Love

Super cute way to use up random buttons AND bits of leftover felt. BONUS! I’m looking at these lil butterflies thinking of all the ways I could use them – on jeans, a jacket, to dress up a boring tote bag. They would also make adorable hair clips!


6) Button Easter Eggs


Source: Organized Clutter

The post these come from has all kinds of great ideas for how to use them in your Easter decorating. They’d also be really fun and durable to use for Easter photos.


7) DIY Framed Button Craft


Source: A Cultivated Nest

What a simple and sweet decorating idea for your extra buttons. This would also be great for other holidays in different themed shapes and colors.


8) Button Flowers Canvas


Source: Easy Peasy and Fun

This makes such a cute little card! Or a spring party invitation!


9) Button Egg Topiary


Source: Random Thoughts

This topiary would be an absolutely perfect centerpiece for Easter dinner!


This last one isn’t a diy tutorial, just a ridiculously cute scrapbook layout, but I can totally think of tons of ways to use this idea:


Source: A Little Bit of Patti


So what about you? Have you got some super adorable Easter button crafts to share? I’d love to see them!

~ Seth


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