Shiny New Thing


As you may have (hopefully) noticed, I have been hard at work on remaking a whole shiny new site for you. I was hoping for a cleaner, brighter look that was a little less cluttered. Crossing my fingers that it comes across that way. I have also simplified the pages in what was the Gallery and is now the Portfolio for easier viewing. AND my new favorite page, the Adoption Center, where my currently available Cuddle Buddies are waiting for you to take them home.

Along with re-branding the site, I have updated the usernames on all my social media to make it cohesive across the board, all now using my shop name “Happy Nakama” instead of some using my artist name “Rainbows Anthem” which I felt made things confusing as to whether or not they were the same person..

Here are the new social media links:

02_Twitter 02_Pinterest 02_Instagram 02_Facebook

I sincerely hope that the new site design is easier to navigate for everyone. And by all means if there are any suggestions of things you would like to see or changes I could make, please let me know!






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