Art Beat 2016

art-beat-2016-ad3-textI am so excited to announce that Happy Nakama will have a table at Art Beat in downtown South Bend this August 20th!

I seem to miss this even every year because I never get the dates til it’s too late to take time off to go and way past the application date. I got a heads up this year from some ladies that stopped by the fabric table at work. They were chattering about getting their teddy bears and turtles finished and getting their application in. I was like “Wait! The applications haven’t passed yet?!” and I filled my out as soon as I got home!

So I’ve been accepted and I’m really looking forward to it. I even have a table mate so I can take potty breaks and eat lol (thanks Jules!). She’ll be bringing some work of her own. Should be a lot of fun.

I’ve got quite a few plush friends to bring along already and I’m going to see what else I can stitch up before then.. after I finish this jumbo Cheshire Cat!

Back to work on that… so. many. stripes.





Case of Mistaken Identity

Just wanted to drop a post here saying that if you picked up my business card at RamenCon thinking I was the artist of all that beautifull artwork, you will be disappointed to find I am in fact the plushie maker from our booth. My friend Nevi Star is actually the artist but their business cards didn’t get printed in time for RamenCon. You need to check out Hermit & Star for more of her artwork.

RamenCon Totally Happened!

2014-09-21 ramencon booth day 3

Curse that glare! Our booth looked awesome! This is a shot of our Day 3 set up. So proud of this! We learned fast after the 1st and 2nd day and adjusted the set up each day to show off more prints and plushies – though, as you can see, I didn’t have many plushies left by day 3. Maya – who I hadn’t even had a chance to post here before the convention – went home with a Doctor Who #11 cosplayer (how cool is that?) and Janky was adopted by this adorable lady in a cute little black hat who’s going to teach him to crochet. I love it! I’ve still got a few little plush friends who need homes but maybe they will find them at NijiCon next month..

I handed out tons on tons of rack cards and business cards so, with luck, maybe I’ll be drowning in commissions soon. lol

Everyone was so much fun and seeing all the cosplayers was a blast. Some of my favorites characters and I was really impressed by the quality. Loved talking to all the people as they stopped at the booth and chatting with our other neighbors in Artist Alley as well. We were lucky enough to be in some really fun company! The two ladies next door to us especially were great. They’re called “Toon Twins” because they are in fact twins who draw adorable little fanarts for badges and keychains and such. So cute! (I went home with and Undertaker badge – from Kuroshitsuji – that said “Got jokes?” and the besties got matching “Got yaoi?” badges for Junjou Romantica.) I also bought a couple of necklaces from the booth across the aisle – they were fun too – but sadly they don’t have a website for their killer steampunk jewelry…

We worked our butts off this weekend but I think we can all agree that this is definitely the life that we want – going to conventions, sharing our work, meeting people. Building our brands has become a much more serious focus. It was kind of surreal getting up and going back to work on Monday. It felt like we had an amazing adventure and then had to somehow just go back to our normal every day life.

I couldn’t have been happier with how my Cuddle Buddies were received. And it was nice to finally have my work appreciated and not hear people saying that I was charging too much – actually had a few who thought I wasn’t charging enough! Unfortunately my brain just never stops taking in inspiration and churning out new ideas so I have so many things going on in my head right now. If I get even half of what I’m thinking of in the works I will definitely need my own table when we start conventions again next year. BUT we’ve still got our table at NijiCon next month before I start gearing up with new ideas for future merch and conventions that we haven’t even applied to yet.

~ Seth

Counting Down

SO.. I’ve almost got the 3 Siris’s finished! Just got to work out this darn mane of hair and making it fit on these little plushie heads. I’m so excited to share them with my friends at Hermit & Star when they’re finished as Siris is one of the characters from their book The Parliament of Twilight: Episode 1. He’s the first original character that I’ve made since I started my official Cuddle Buddy pattern. *excite*

I’ve got just under a week til I make my convention debut at RamenCon and I’m terrified super excited! I’m really happy with all of the plushies that I’ve got finished and I look forward to sharing them everyone who comes by my table. I would love you to stop by and say “hi” if you’re there!


Looking ahead

OH it has been a hectic year already! I’ve been working 70+ hours at 3 jobs trying to make the dollar signs match.. thankfully I am finally able to step down from one of those jobs and will have more time to work on my real passion projects.. And right now is when I really need that creative time! I’ve got 2 conventions coming up this fall! Excite! *happydance*

September 19-21st I am going to be sharing a booth at RamenCon in Merrillville, Indiana with my besties over at Hermit Star Books. I am so excited to do my first convention after the disappointment in April with RiverCon falling through. 😦 I can’t wait to share the Happy Nakama Cuddle Buddies with a whole new audience! RamenCon is a slightly smaller convention so it’s not quite as daunting for my first outing.

Then October 18-19th is NijiCon in Pennsylvania. NijiCon is very exciting to get a table because it’s their first year! YaoiCon happens every year in California but the east coast has never had their own yaoi-centric convention. Again I will be sharing a table with Hermit Star Books because they’re my best friends but also because they’re brilliant writers. Plus I will be premiering plush versions of a few of their characters!

So it’s shaping up to be a very busy couple of months and I’m going to be sewing my little fingers off will they get here…

~ Seth

Conventions next year!

So my roommate got a message from the people who set up RamenCon and it looks like we weren’t personally shunned (yay!) just that they were having some serious problems with their networking and communication. Also, apparently, they’re having a row with the host hotel, but that’s another matter entirely.

Since we have missed the chance to get into this year’s convention because of these miscommunications on their part, they have offered us a reserved spot in the Artist’s Alley for next year’s convention. Woot! So it looks like we need to get back to building up some stock for the table next year.

I’m happy to hear that it was a problem on their end because we had all been looking really forward to getting a table in their Artist’s Alley this year. I was, of course, going to be selling my Cuddle Buddies, as well as some other projects I was working on – character cosplay hoodies (like the My Little Pony ones I’ve made), some character face purses. And the besties were going to be selling their books from Wandering Stars Press. They’ve already published book one of Monster, Inertia, and Ghost House, with book two of Monster about to publish.

So we’re all excited about next year! We might even hit another convention before RamenCon – which is in September – if we get the opportunity.

~ Seth