WIP Jack Frost – Commissions are OPEN


I am so happy with how the embroidery is coming along on my Jack Frost commission. I love when somebody commissions something really fun! I have a feeling I will have to make a second Jack, though, because Nevi is already flailing over this one.


I’ve got a couple more commissions after this one but there are still some spaces open for the Spring batch.. so if you’ve been thinking about requesting a custom plushie, now is the time to get a quote! (Messaging me on Facebook is usually the quickest way to get a reply.)





Cecil Aijima (in progress)
Cecil Aijima (in progress)

This is Cecil… Cecil-saurus. He’s a work in progress. When he’s done, he’ll be one of the adorable boys from Uta no Prince-sama, but right now… he looks like a dinosaur. lol I blame the eyes. My Cuddle Buddies didn’t have embroidered eyes before – they were all button eyes – so I’ve never had one look so much like a dinosaur before. It’s cracking me up,  honestly, and that’s why I had to share.  Of course, when his outfit is finished and he has hair he won’t look like a Cecil-saurus anymore (hopefully!). Then he’ll be joining the rest of the pile of plushies I’m hoping to sell at RamenCon. That is, of course, if the people from RamenCon ever contact us to let us know if there will be space available for us. Let’s just say they’re not so great at communications.

Besides working on my Cuddle Buddies, I’ve been making some clothes. Exciting! See, I happened to see in my Facebook feed an invitation to the prom. The Pride Prom, that is. I was totally stoked because  the pride dances are always for high school kids. (Don’t get me wrong. I love that they have the teen proms where they can take who they want and wear what they want. I am a huge fan of that.) It’s just so nice for there to be an event for the 21+ crowd as well. Nevi ordered herself something to wear from fanplusfriend (because I am SO not at the sewing level yet to make what she wants!) but I remixed shirts for Hermie and myself.  Hermie’s is from a solid black shirt that we bought and remade but (because I’m crazy… “overambitious” I can hear Tim Gunn saying) my shirt is going to be completely constructed from scraps of fabric that I have – neon green, purple and pink plaid – with a giant skellie on the front. No, seriously. LOL At least I know that just by walking in the door wearing it I’m going to be advertising myself in every bit of my obnoxious authenticity.

I will, of course, post pictures of the outfits when they’re finished. I know I’m gonna want to show this stuff off!