Custom Clothing & Cosplay

Ihave just started dabbling in custom clothing, accessories and cosplay.



These are My Little Pony character cosplay hoodies for Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash. They are made with fleece. I start by sewing the base hoodie so I know the colors are right, then I add the mane and cutie mark. Rainbow Dash also has wings, though any future hoodies won’t have the stuffed wings (those were specially requested).

I am accepting orders on my cosplay hoodies in my Etsy store.

This is my Killjoy hoodie – inspired by My Chemical Romance‘s “Danger Days” album and their Killjoy characters. Mine is Rainbows Anthem (which is where my artist’s name started) and this is  my armor.

Just one of multiple scarves I’ve made – I am notorious for making them comically larger/longer than necessary.



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