Schwoopie Towne

I started drawing the schwoopies after I was inspired by SARK‘s books. They were just random doodles in the beginning, untill a smart friend told me she loved them and couldn’t help but smile at them and that I should do more with them.. so I started working on more drawings and painting them on all kinds of things.. and here I am..

So what are the schwoopies?
Schwoopies are light and energy and fun. They are happy little beings, who come to inspire, energize, assist and just generally make more happy!

You can find my Schwoopie Towne artwork on everything from mousepads to tshirts to messenger bags and coffee mugs in my Zazzle store.

The Year of The Schwoopie
The Year of The Schwoopie
Trick or Treat Parade





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