Lonely Pajamas

So I was really looking forward to my day off today. I work two jobs and one of them (a gas station) has been super crazy lately since we are waiting to be closed down any day now by the shiny new highway they’re building around us. Between the two, I haven’t had a whole day off from both in over a month. And today is a whole day off. I was so excited when I saw the schedule! My plan was to spend it lounging around in my pjs watching cartoons with my roomies and part of it working on the dolls I want to get done for RamenCon.

Unfortunately my plans have been thwarted, and my pajamas will have to stay at home alone. Well, they probably won’t be completely alone. It is quite likely that Owen will keep them company. (Meaning of course that they will be covered in fur and have to go into the wash when I get home instead of on me.)  See, our kitchen floor is in bad need of repair and Myke’s dad picked today (curse him!) as the day to come take a look at it. Translation: Myke’s dad will be tearing up our kitchen flood and ordering Myke around rudely, most likely leading to some manner of verbal disagreement and much banging of things around. SO! Hermie, Nevi and myself have thought it best to vacate the premises during this whole… debacle. disaster. situation.

With any luck we will have a nice day out (on two hours of sleep for myself) and the weather will be pretty like it was yesterday.  Maybe we can have a coffee and hang around in the little cafe alcove outside the Barnes & Noble being productive and such. That sounds nice. Oooh maybe even grab some lunch at Noodles. That sounds very nice. 😉

I guess we’ll just have to see what today has in store for our little adventure… and I’ll try real hard not to worry about Owen being locked up in my bedroom (for his own safety) half the day. The poor thing is such a furry lil neurotic mess most of the time anyway…