A change of scenery

2013-07-24-scrap-fabric-valance-003While my roomies were gone to New York (read: stranded in New York with no car!) I needed a little distraction from all the crazy and stress going on. I saw the cutest window dressing on Pinterest. It was a valance made with strips of fabric. Adorable! I absolutely loved the idea, so I HAD to make one of my own. I piled up strips of fabric from various parts of my (considerable) stash, some cut into strips, some ripped. Now I did look over a couple of tutorials (shared at the bottom) but it can be really simple to do.

1. Collect your strips of fabric – rip them for rough edges or cute into strips for smooth edges (I made mine various lengths to make it a little more fun and wild)

2. Measure your ribbon against the width of your window and cut it, leaving considerable extra on the sides for tying it up.

3. Fold it so you find the middle and start knotting your strips onto the ribbon. One to mark the middle, then alternate one on each side until you reach the desired width for your window. You can also use rope or something like that instead of the ribbon, if you’re going for a more natural, rustic look.

4. Put up nails on either side of the window where you want the valance to hang and tie the ends in a knot to slip over the nail.

*You can also knot the strips over a curtain rod and it looks very cute but I could not for the life of me get the curtain rod hangers to go into the wall on either side of my window! lol *

Once I had my valance hanging, I added in some extra lengths of yarn with beads and baubles strung on them for extra charm. I also tied in some bits of lace and gift wrap ribbon for extra textures.

This is my finished valance:


Gold heart hung on yarn and Christmas ribbon
Gold heart hung on yarn and Christmas ribbon
Fan-made buttons and rick rack
        Fan-made buttons and rick rack
Puffy stickers on the blue fabric, beads, and Winnie the Pooh dressed as a lion
Puffy stickers on the blue fabric, beads, and Winnie the Pooh dressed as a lion

I’m especially happy with my valance because a lot of the scrap fabrics are from sentimental projects – a pillow my grandmother made me, a sun dress and skirt that I made in high school, one of my dad’s shirts, a shirt I made myself recently for prom.

It’s definitely brightened up my work space.

What could you do today to bring a little more fun into your craft space?


If you want more proper tutorials than my simple one – with pictures even – these are the two that I looked over before I made my valance:

Fiveoritethings: Vintage Scrap Fabric Valance (No Sew!)

Abby’s Tutu Factory: How To: Tutu Valance and Scrap fabric Curtain


Toddler Approved!

Edit: The day after this blog was posted and the review went live, it was gone. Her whole channel was gone. I’m not sure what happened exactly because any attempt that I made to contact her through her youtube channel or Etsy was never replied to. I’m not really sure what to think, but I do know that she scammed me out of my Rainbow Dash plush, so watch out for these type of people, artists! 😦

Rainbow Dash
                                          Rainbow Dash

I was contacted recently on Etsy by a girl named Tessa who does Etsy shop reviews on her Youtube channel. She was interested in my Rainbow Dash and wanted to know if I would like to trade her for a review. Of course! What a brilliant idea! I didn’t even know people did things like that!

Her review went live yesterday and I couldn’t wait to watch it. I honestly couldn’t be happier or more gratefull for the such a glowing review! My personal favourites might be the part where she is flying Rainbow Dash past the camera and where her toddler, Sebastian, begs to hug her. Awww!

I didn’t really think my Cuddle Buddies were that big, but Rainbow Dash looks HUGE next to her! lol

Watching the video just made me so happy, seeing how much she loved Rainbow Dash. That’s the whole reason for what I do. Yes I make dolls and sew other things because it makes me happy, but it’s really about the joy on someone else’s face when they hug my dolls or wear my clothes that is my source of joy.

I just finished two new baby scrap dragons and the cutest new valance in my craft space. I will have pictures of those soon to share!


Think Happy Thoughts #1

I randomly discovered this book years ago called “14,000 Things to be Happy About” and I fell in love. I was so inspired by the idea of listing all the wonder-full things that make you smile, that brighten your day, that recall happy little memories and special moments. I started keeping a list of my own. It’s been built in bursts, sometimes dumping bunches of ideas at once, sometimes just one or two.

Since a big part of my goal with my work is to spread more happyness into the world, I thought I would start sharing my list with you in a series of blog posts.

A lot (most) of the entries on my list have personal significance and might not make sense to anyone else, but I wanted to be authentic in my sharing, so I’ve copied the list as is from my notebook.

blue eyes
having to be patient against your will
taking things slowly
the 80s
having your own place
Yule/ Christmas
Yule trees
popcorn garland
paper chains
quiet boys
letting my mind wander
stuffed animals
country music
little boy grins
Christmas socks
toe socks
birthday parties
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
Harry Potter
Ford trucks
little bitty drive-thru windows
baby carrots
finding out your ex is miserable
“that song” playing on the radio
compilation tapes
the first kiss
discovering each other
falling in love
staying up too late
sleeping in
really bad movies
homemade gifts
having enough
waking up every day
guilty pleasures
innocent stalking
“un”healthy obsessions
Irish and Scottish accents
little brothers
all your family living nearby
nieces and nephews
new love
starting over
thumb rings
garage sales
the sun setting over the West Virginia mountains
the sun rising over the Pennsylvania hills
books about happy things
tongue photos
having a job
having a home
being able to “go home”
hugging someone who needs it
being hugged when you really need to cry
not having to play games
babies (especially when they sleep)
open minds
freedom of religion
being an American
driving to Canada for the weekend
good remakes
freedom to make big mistakes
learning experiences
bands with weird names
nature worship
having parents that you can actually talk to
being who you are
being “out of the closet”
Spring clean-up
dumpster diving
tacky furniture
lounge lizard retro funky style
beauty without make-up
having a “glow in your aura”
sharing a wavelength
“Believe” by Cher
having “enough issues for a subscription”
PMS drugs
giant teddy bears
believing in faeries, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny
magick in the ordinary
stones tumbled by nature
inner light
dashboard toys
bobblehead dolls
bobbyheaded Chihuahuas
Rocky Horror
rabid fanboys and girls
Vin Diesel
hair dye
cable TV
BBC America
decorating shows
the internet
old photos
developing that roll of film you found in your bag
scissors with funny edges
archival quality
inspirational quotes
being “too Broadway”
flashback conversations
family picnics
dad telling his stories over and over
baking Christmas cookies
a kitchen-full of kids frosting cookies
prom night
…. and the morning after
talking llama movies