Finger Pants


Just finished these cute little gloves tonight. They started out as those little flip-up mittens but the mitten part wouldn’t fit my fingers so I cut it and the fingertips off, then went for the felt and buttons. I wish the colors were showing up brighter – the lighting sadly isn’t doing them justice.

Just a little downtime project while I’m taking a breather around the holidays.




Not only am I God’s love unfolding into life Always, but so are you.. and so is every other person. I’m trying to take this thought in for myself. I’m trying to feel this in my heart.¬†This understanding that we are not separate from God, but part of God ourselves. That we are God and God is us. I can sense an opening in myself for this idea.. but I find the understanding that every other human being is also part of God harder to take in. Only because there are so many “bad” people in the world choosing to do bad things. Part of me understands the logic that¬†God’s intention in creating me was no different than in creating them, so they must come from the same place that I do. They must also be part of God. I just need to find the space in myself to let that understanding in. Logic isn’t always very effective where the heart comes into play, let’s be honest.

Robert’s show today was about the archetypal message of the Crucifixion. “Can you meet others in this understanding that you are God’s love unfolding into life always, but so are they?” He asked. “If not, what do you need to sacrifice to get there?”

That is the part I’m still working on. As always, with Robert’s shows, this is something that I have to spend some time thinking about. Journalling about. Robert’s good for that – finding openings for new perspectives.



2011-10-26-the day owen followed nevi and hermie home 2011-11-25-owen-in-doorway-sunlight 2012-05-03 Owen with dragon 325240_10150361229185896_839334507_o 383733_10150408860295896_175402806_n 387553_10150408860360896_1591378505_n

My heart is broken. Our little family lost one of its members today.

That first picture is from the day Owen followed Dani and Nevi home. Hard to believe it’s dated from 10/2011. Seems like he was a part of our home way longer than that…

Just sitting in the living room tonight I couldn’t help but think it was way too quiet. Where’s the sound of Owen yowling in random empty rooms? He’s gonna come barreling through here like the Devil is chasing him any minute now… How will I sleep without him purring on my chest or yowling in my face to get up? I will miss our obnoxious little furball so, so much.


Easy Holiday Infinity Scarf

Such a fun and EASY idea. Great for a quick Christmas gift or to spiff up your own holiday outfit!

scarf8-500 scarf17-500

I can’t wait to try this myself! *starts flinging old tshirts out of the closet*

WobiSobi has the full tutorial here



Shifting Gears


I’ve been taking a break from making plushies the last couple of weeks since I finally got my old laptop to cooperate long enough to transfer my files. I’ve been sifting through those files, putting things back in order in my current laptop with all the new stuff. The most important part of getting those files off the old laptop was getting all my artwork. All my scans waiting to be colored and the pieces that I’d finished coloring but hadn’t shared yet. I was heartbroken when the computer just died and they were lost. Turns out there was a frayed spot in the cord right where it connects to the battery pack. I managed – after months of depression at the loss – to rig it up with some electrical tape just long enough to save the files off it. The techno gods truly smiled on me that day. I literally did a happy dance all around my room.

I’m so happy and so, so grateful to have my artwork back – especially the beautifull pieces that I had finished coloring already. Having them back has brought me out of the drawing drought and I am trying to put time for that back into my busy schedule. This means, unfortunately, that I will be moving slower on plushie-making, but I had actually been planning a little space for experimentation in the new year anyway. I have other sewing projects that I’ve been wanting to try out and now that I don’t have any commissions in the queue, I’m gonna play a little.

Let’s hope some new, awesome things come out of the experiments!

I just updated my portfolio pages for the Baby Scrap Dragons and Commissions & Gifts to show off some of my newer work. (Now with bigger, shinier pictures!) So make sure to take a look at the new stuff!