Commission & FAQs

Do you take commissions?
Yes. Commissions are OPEN.


Do you have dolls currently for sale?
Yes. Plush Art Dolls currently for sale are listed in my Etsy shop.


Can I commission any of the dolls that you’ve already made in your gallery?
That would depend on which doll you wanted because most of them I would be willing to remake but there are some more difficult that I would have to think about. Also, there are some made from other people’s original artwork on commission and I would have to get their approval to make another.


What size are your plushies?
6″ sitting up or  9 1/2″ from head to toe
(This is just the doll base size. It could be taller depending on the hair style.)


How much do you charge for plushie commissions?
Baby Scrap Dragons and Schwoopie Towne dolls are $45.00

Baby My Little Ponies start at $45.00 without clothes and $55.00 with clothes.

Plush Art Dolls start at $45.00 with fleece clothes and button eyes.

(Shipping and handling in the US is free. I will ship outside of the US but, unfortunately, the shipping rates are sometimes pretty steep.)


What do you mean they start at $$, and increase in price? What elements add to the cost of the doll?

The prices listed are the base price for a plush art doll. The price could increase depending on difficulty of the outfit wanted (lots of layers, accessories, etc), embroidered eyes, special additions like Dr. Stein with the screw through his head, lots of tattoos like Stacee Jaxx. Wanting removable clothes would raise the price quite a bit. Basically any additions that add to time, fabric cost and difficulty would add to the cost of the doll.


What payment methods do you accept?
I have two options for payment. (1) I can send you an invoice via Paypal and you can send the payment back through there or (2) I can post the commission in my Etsy store reserved for you and payment can be made directly with a credit card or gift card during the checkout process.


What is Paypal?
It is a online payment service. It is frequently used by those who buy/sell on Ebay. You need a bank account/and or credit card to have a Paypal account.


When you accept my commission, how soon will you start working on it?
My commissions are done on a first come, first serve basis. So your commission would go at the end of the list and be made in order of requests. Once your spot comes up, I will contact you to let you know and verify that you still want a commission. At that time we can hammer out any extra details regarding your request.


When do you need payment for the plushie commission?
I need full payment for the doll before I begin your commission. I will post a listing for your commission on Etsy and give you the link. Once your commission listing has been purchased I will begin construction on your Cuddle Buddy. I do accept payments, which can be listed separately on Etsy, but the doll will not be made until the commission is fully paid.


What if I don’t have the money yet, but I just want to inquire about how much my doll might cost, or if you’d be up to making it?
That’s fine. I’ll be only too happy to give you a price estimate, so no worries. Send your questions my way.


If I want to commission a doll, what do you need from me as the commissioner?
You need to have reference pictures ready to send me. The more pictures you can send, the better, especially if it’s from a series I’m not familiar with or a special request outfit. It would be best if you can send front, back, and sides of the outfit and of the hair as well. Also I need to know their eye colour if it’s not visible in the pictures.
If it’s for a scrap dragon, I would need some kind of idea on what colours and patterns you like & do not like. I cannot make the scrap dragons to exact specifications because they are very organic and just come to me to be made when I reach out to them but if you give me an idea of what you’re looking for I can try to find the right dragon for you.

For example:
“I’m looking for a baby dragon that loves baking cakes and playing games. Maybe something with blue in it. No flowers.”

“I want a little rockstar dragon to inspire my daughter to be more confident. Can you make it super bright and/or shiny?”

For reference of my past work you can browse my gallery or check out my commissions page.


I reserve the right to make a version of any commissioned dolls – characters, celebrities, animals – available to my customers at a later date, excluding personalized dolls (family members etc), pets, or original characters.




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