Can you hear the rainbow’s anthem? It’s the explosion of song and joy in your heart when you see the rainbow in the sky, see the sun shining on a beautifull day, hear an infectious belly laugh from someone who is having way too much fun. It’s the music of the heart, the music of happyness.

I want to make you smile, make your day just a little brighter. That’s where the Happy Nakama Cuddle Buddies and the residents of Schwoopie Towne come in! The Cuddle Buddies are adorable little plush friends looking for a hug and a heart to brighten. They come in all different forms – dragons, squirrels. They’re made from scrap fabrics rescued from yard sales and resale shops. Each one is different in its own special way from all the others, assembled one by one from my own original pattern. They’re soft and squishy – meant to be hugged and played with and loved – and they can’t wait to come home with you!

My schwoopies are joyous little expressions of vibrancy and light. They are chubby little balls of energy that come in all colours of the rainbow. Schwoopie Towne is where they live and play. They started as just some doodles in the margins of my journal and one day a smart friend of mine told me “I can’t help but smile when I see these little guys. You should really do more with them.” So I knew I had to share them with you. I started drawing actual pictures with them – greeting cards, a calendar, painting them all over some reclaimed furniture. And they have just grown and grown from there.


My name is Seth and I’m currently living and working in South Bend, Indiana.


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If you still have questions, drop me a line at rainbowsanthem@gmail.com


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