Got some giant yellow buttons for my #cheshirecat eyes yesterday on my crafty shopping excursion (and some inspiring new fabric scraps for my #scrapanimals). I am SO IN LOVE with how he’s coming together!!! #happynakama #handmade #aliceinwonderland

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#cheshirecat selfie! A lol creepy without the rest of the face, I know, but I’m just so happy with how perfect the smile came out. #aliceinwonderland #plushie #handmade #happynakama

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Art Beat 2016

art-beat-2016-ad3-textI am so excited to announce that Happy Nakama will have a table at Art Beat in downtown South Bend this August 20th!

I seem to miss this even every year because I never get the dates til it’s too late to take time off to go and way past the application date. I got a heads up this year from some ladies that stopped by the fabric table at work. They were chattering about getting their teddy bears and turtles finished and getting their application in. I was like “Wait! The applications haven’t passed yet?!” and I filled my out as soon as I got home!

So I’ve been accepted and I’m really looking forward to it. I even have a table mate so I can take potty breaks and eat lol (thanks Jules!). She’ll be bringing some work of her own. Should be a lot of fun.

I’ve got quite a few plush friends to bring along already and I’m going to see what else I can stitch up before then.. after I finish this jumbo Cheshire Cat!

Back to work on that… so. many. stripes.