Got some giant yellow buttons for my #cheshirecat eyes yesterday on my crafty shopping excursion (and some inspiring new fabric scraps for my #scrapanimals). I am SO IN LOVE with how he’s coming together!!! #happynakama #handmade #aliceinwonderland

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#cheshirecat selfie! A lol creepy without the rest of the face, I know, but I’m just so happy with how perfect the smile came out. #aliceinwonderland #plushie #handmade #happynakama

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Art Beat 2016

art-beat-2016-ad3-textI am so excited to announce that Happy Nakama will have a table at Art Beat in downtown South Bend this August 20th!

I seem to miss this even every year because I never get the dates til it’s too late to take time off to go and way past the application date. I got a heads up this year from some ladies that stopped by the fabric table at work. They were chattering about getting their teddy bears and turtles finished and getting their application in. I was like “Wait! The applications haven’t passed yet?!” and I filled my out as soon as I got home!

So I’ve been accepted and I’m really looking forward to it. I even have a table mate so I can take potty breaks and eat lol (thanks Jules!). She’ll be bringing some work of her own. Should be a lot of fun.

I’ve got quite a few plush friends to bring along already and I’m going to see what else I can stitch up before then.. after I finish this jumbo Cheshire Cat!

Back to work on that… so. many. stripes.




Shiny New Thing


As you may have (hopefully) noticed, I have been hard at work on remaking a whole shiny new site for you. I was hoping for a cleaner, brighter look that was a little less cluttered. Crossing my fingers that it comes across that way. I have also simplified the pages in what was the Gallery and is now the Portfolio for easier viewing. AND my new favorite page, the Adoption Center, where my currently available Cuddle Buddies are waiting for you to take them home.

Along with re-branding the site, I have updated the usernames on all my social media to make it cohesive across the board, all now using my shop name “Happy Nakama” instead of some using my artist name “Rainbows Anthem” which I felt made things confusing as to whether or not they were the same person..

Here are the new social media links:

02_Twitter 02_Pinterest 02_Instagram 02_Facebook

I sincerely hope that the new site design is easier to navigate for everyone. And by all means if there are any suggestions of things you would like to see or changes I could make, please let me know!





10 Adorably Eastery Button Crafts!


Now I know all us little sewists have a pile of scrap fabric lying about but – and maybe it’s just me – do you also have an over-abundance of buttons in random sizes and colors?

Come on now. I know it’s not just me!

Well I found some really cute Eastery crafts to put that bucket of buttons to good use!

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Why I Do What I Do

Some days it can be tough to be an artist. You get so much criticism on your prices, your style, your materials, etc. It can be very disheartening.

My craft is my joy. It’s my therapy. It’s the thing that calms me and makes me so happy to work on. I am inspired by just everything to want to create create CREATE. I love making my Cuddle Buddies and Baby Scrap Dragons. They just make me smile. But I don’t make them just for myself.

It’s such an amazing feeling for me when someone falls in love with one of my scrap animals and wants to adopt it. That moment when they pick it up and their eyes are shining.. it’s the best! And I love working on commissions. It’s a sad fact that I can’t be there most of the time because my Cuddle Buddies are shipping to Florida or California or once even to Taiwan. But it makes my day to receive feedback from my customers.

Recently I finished a Jack Frost commission from “Rise of the Guardians“. I was super excited about this commission because that’s one of my favorite movies!


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WIP Jack Frost – Commissions are OPEN


I am so happy with how the embroidery is coming along on my Jack Frost commission. I love when somebody commissions something really fun! I have a feeling I will have to make a second Jack, though, because Nevi is already flailing over this one.


I’ve got a couple more commissions after this one but there are still some spaces open for the Spring batch.. so if you’ve been thinking about requesting a custom plushie, now is the time to get a quote! (Messaging me on Facebook is usually the quickest way to get a reply.)



Scrappin’ Happy

I have found some seriously cute projects to use up all those fabric scraps.. not that I have like two dresser drawers of fabric scraps or anything… Okay.. let’s be honest. I probably have more fabric scraps than two drawers even. I, of course, also use a lot of those scraps to make my little baby scrap dragons, but I’ve still got more fabric flying around than even I can use for them! So I am super excited about some of these great ideas for fun little projects to use up all those stray scraps.


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