What is your default setting?

I just read this great article talking about the default setting we all have for what to do with our time, specifically what do you do when you finish up a project or phase of a project. I, like the writer in the article, have a bad habit of flailing after I’ve finished a project. I sit, stare aimlessly around the room, flail around.. searching for what I should do next. And if I am anywhere near a computer, digital painting etc, I will almost definitely find myself wandering over to some social network – Facebook and Pinterest being my greatest enemies.

What a great idea! To change my default setting from letting my mind wander off like a child left unattended to something creative. I would love to change that default to creativity. When I finish one project I can give myself a small reprieve – stretch, snack, go for a walk – then dig right into the next project. For certain I have no shortage of projects that I could work on at any given moment – dolls to be sewn, clothes to mend or alter, schwoopie art to draw and color, as well as any number of other projects that bubble to the surface. I have tried making myself a to-do list but I don’t always consult it.

But if I could change my immediate response to  “what to do next?” to looking over that to-do list, maybe I could get more done and get projects done faster. That would be fantastic for me, as my brain never has a shortage of project ideas and they just keep piling up when I waste time on consuming post after post on Facebook.

So, what is your default setting? Do you find yourself getting too easily distracted by something when you’ve finished a project or are you able to stay in creative default and move to the next project? What’s your secret for staying in creative mode?






A Shiny New Experience!

I am so excited to say that (at the prompting of a trusted friend – the usual suspect) I have decided to try something new with my dolls… Eyes!

Now, I know that sounds funny, but (as you may notice from my portfolio) all of my dolls up to this point have had button eyes. I do so love the little button eyes. They remind me of all the crafty, folk art dolls that I’ve always loved – the vintage-looking ones, like the handmade ones from the past with their stitches showing and outfits sewn from old clothes. I’ve always had a soft spot for that style.

Nevi and I were chatting the other day and asked if I had tried any other style of eyes, like painted maybe. I did try with my very first doll to paint the eyes but got scared off it by some really complicated tutorials that made me think I couldn’t do it. I will have to give the eye painting another try in the future because I think I could make a pretty passable attempt at this point. (I am much more confident in my doll-making abilities at this point than I was in the beginning.) But I looked up some plushies online and some tutorials on hand embroidering the eyes. I’m actually pretty surprised at how cute the eyes came out on this first doll with the embroidery. I even added little blushes on her cheeks and I’m really pleased with how it all looks. I think my head pattern might need some altering, but that’s no surprise really. When you try different styles you, of course, will end up having to adapt the pattern.

I’m really excited about trying new things with my dolls. New styles, new eyes. I’ve been really inspired lately by the different anime I’ve been watching and some of the new dolls from my favourite collections.

The gas station where I work is closing in a few days and I’m being transferred to another station the company owns – thankfully not too far away. I’ve been appreciating the overtime, obviously, but the hours have been really rough on me – working 2 full time jobs, 70 plus hours every week – so I’m looking forward to having more time for my creative life. I know that I’ve fallen way behind in my doll-making, drawing and painting, so I’m happy to have a bit more time for that. My creativity is where I live and breathe and I can’t wait to jump back into it with all my free time.