Now offering a Boyfriend Bundle discount!

seth-commission-siris-2014-09 1169x1030

I’m finally getting my currently available plushies and plush art dolls up in my Etsy shop. At the moment I’ve got Siris, an original character from “The Parliament of Twilight: Episode One” available. He’s a Limited Edition plush art doll. Right now, there are only two of them available. He was a commission from the authors and they loved him so much they asked me to make a couple more to sell for them as a special offer.

seth-cb-bakuman-shuujin-2013-crop2 seth-cb-bakuman-mashiro-2013 1468x2092

I also have Mashiro and Shuujin from the anime “Bakuman”. You can purchase them separately or use the new Boyfriend Bundle listing to get a $15.00 discount on both dolls.

Currently I am in the last stages of making 2 more Excaliburs to sell, since I was so happy with how the commission turned out and about halfway done with some Julians to keep Siris company. After that, I’ve got my eye on a Grell and Undertaker, since they are one of my very favourite pairings! *evil glint in eye*



Excalibur from “Soul Eater” Plush Commission

1415240919076 1415241203240 original

So So happy with how he turned out! And Jake literally squealed when I presented his Excalibur. lol (He even told me the next day that he slept with his plush that night!)

Excalibur was handmade. The eyes are hand-embroidered. He’s got 3 little buttons on his shirt dress and I used velcro to attach the cane so Jake could change the placement and smack people with it while yelling “FOOL!” XD

I’m working on a couple extras, since he turned out so well. They’ll be for sale in my Etsy store as soon as they’re done.

Next up on my list of commissions is a Julian (from “Parliament of Twilight” yaoi novels) so his boyfriend Siris won’t be lonely anymore. He’s been very insistent, let me tell you! I’ll post them both when Julian’s finished.

~ Seth