Cuddle Buddies

I started making dolls because I wanted a David Cook but I couldn’t find one anywhere on the whole of internetz. So I tried my hand at making my own. I hadn’t sewn anything really since probably high school, so I was praying it turned out decent. He is kinda sad-looking, I admit, compared to what I’m capable of making now, but he was my very first doll I made by hand and I absolutely love him. The next stage was wanting to make a stuffed dragon for Myke, my roommate, but every pattern I found was so complicated. Since I was learning as I went, I didn’t quite have the knowledge to attempt any of them. Then I happened to find pictures online of a doll-maker who uses basically one pattern and modifies it for whatever animal she’s making and I was inspired! I made my own pattern thru trial and error from looking at a stuffed puppy Hermie and  Nevi had bought me. I added little ears, horns, and wings to the puppy and it really did look like a dragon. I was so excited. Next came a set of Klaine squirrels as a gift for Nevi and the Happy Nakama Cuddle Buddies were born! At this point I’ve made so many dolls different types of dolls – more dragons, anime characters, tv characters, fictional characters from books, baby My Little Ponies. The list just goes on and I love them all so much. They really are a joy to make.

All my Cuddle Buddies are handmade from my original pattern. Fabrics can be fleece, felt or various rescued fabrics from resale shops, yard sales, etc, depending on what kind of doll I’m making. They’re stuffed to a perfect cuddling plumpness with poly-fill.  Made and stored in a non-smoking house (though our cat, Owen, does think he can help me sew, so even though I clean them up with a lint roller, there might be traces of cat hair/dander on the doll.)


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